Virtual Power Plant

Helping the whole country with energy transition.



our role

Research, Ideation, Design Testing



01 Problem

Switzerland produces 57% of its electricity using hydropower plants. The trouble is that there aren’t many places left to build new ones. And given the fact that the Swiss decided to phase out nuclear power plants and take the country off the European energy grid, it’s easy to guess the outcome: a very real threat of energy shortages and blackouts in the near future.

02 The Solution

We want to address these threats by making photovoltaics much more significant in the country’s energy mix. We are proposing to boost Switzerland’s solar energy production by promoting energy co-ops that would not only help the country gain energy independence and stability, but also empower local communities and make a substantial contribution to the environment.

03 The impact

In a scenario where the virtual power plant is able to aggregate surplus of energy from 20K 

households, we can assume that an average installation of 50sqm on roof will represent an installed output of 10.2kWp per household. 40% of produced solar energy is not used by household and can be resold to virtual power plant (green aggregator) that would offer on the market.


160 GWh

annual energy production


64 GWh

can be offered on the market



houses’ needs would be satisfied