Virtual Battery

The first cloud-based solar energy storage in the Czech Republic.



our role

Research, Ideation, Design Testing, Go-to-Market Strategy, Branding, MVP


Czech Republic

01 Problem

Photovoltaic panels on roofs produce most of the electricity during the day, which is also when homeowners usually don't need it as much. That's why a home solar system usually includes some type of energy storage. It is often supplemented with a battery that charges during the day and provides electricity at night. But these batteries tend to be costly and it is this purchase that deters many people from setting up their own solar power plant.

02 The Solution

A virtual battery works in much the same way as a regular battery. However, the energy is “stored” directly in the electricity grid. The energy that accumulates during the day travels through virtual storage to the grid for later consumption. Thanks to that, households can use up to 100% of the energy from their own roofs, ensuring energy self-sufficiency and independence from energy price fluctuations. In addition, households save a significant amount of money on the physical battery, which enables them to recoup their investment in photovoltaics much sooner.