Green Loan

Making green investments easier for everybody. Especially SMEs.



our role

Research, Ideation

01 Problem

Making a building environmentally friendly does pay off in the long run. But green investments can be quite complicated for households as well as business owners. Whether they consider installing solar panels on the roof or a heating pump in the basement, they need to find the right contractor. Then, they often need the right bank to help them finance it. Of course there are many banks with many different conditions, which hinders the whole process even more.

02 The Solution

To make green investments more accessible – especially for business owners –, we propose a digital service that will connect customers, contractors and banks and facilitate the whole process in a streamlined, user-friendly fashion. Leveraging our experience with SME loans, automated scoring, and digital marketplaces, we can help entrepreneurs boost their businesses and protect the environment at the same time.

SMEs are interested in solar energy


100 sqm

typical min. installation for SMEs



required as min. capital investment