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Invest in sun power and increase your company’s profitability.


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01 Problem

Recently, energy prices in Romania have been skyrocketing. Local SMEs have already fought a significant increase in spot energy expenses (up to 70%). At this point, more than 40% of the country’s energy comes from fossil fuels – mainly coal and nuclear resources. But while these traditional sources are being subdued in favor of renewable energy, green alternatives are still hovering above zero.

02 The Solution

Thanks to Romania’s favorable location, independent studies predict an increase of installed solar capacity from 1.7 GWp to 5.0 GWp by 2025. This demands investments across all economy segments.Raiffeisen Bank Romania in cooperation with RB International launched first commercial sustainable proposition to SMEs offering a 4-in-1 solution with quick rentability to guide SMEs to clean energy. This includes loan options for photovoltaics, a list of recommended suppliers, help with receiving EU and government subsidies, and storage of surplus energy in batteries.

03 The impact

Fast reduction of energy consumption from public networks and related spending – up to 70%. It is estimated that 15,000 SMEs in Romania will adopt their own green energy production in the next 2 years. They will produce 1.3 TWh of solar energy annually, reducing CO2 emissions to 381,000 tons in total.

up to 70%

savings on energy spending


years for a company to break even

– 381K

tons of CO2 emissions per year