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Domy sobě

our role

Research, Ideation, Design Testing, Go-to-Market Strategy, Branding, MVP, Scaling


Czech Republic

01 Problem

Almost 60% of Czechs live in apartment buildings, half of them in prefabricated concrete blocks, of which more than 80,000 were built during the socialist era. However, the majority of apartment buildings are outdated in terms of energy.

In over 2 million apartments, energy is wasted and residents overpay unnecessarily.

02 The Solution

The “Domy sobě” project, built for Veolia, solves several problems at once. It is tailored particularly to homeowners’ associations (HOAs), offering installation of solar panels, a better price per MWh thanks to grouping of consumption sites, remote readings, smart heating, and many other benefits supported by a unique mobile app. Part of the electricity is generated on the roof, which significantly reduces its costs, and alternative storage even allows for partial energy self-sufficiency.

03 The impact

In addition to helping homeowners save up to 35% on electricity bills and 15% on heating, “Domy sobě” can help them secure up to a 50% government subsidy for photovoltaics from the New Green Savings Programme. With more and more people looking to achieve more energy independence as well as reduce their carbon footprint, the interest in the service has surpassed expectations. The monthly lead count has grown 8.5× since the launch in May 2021 and the trend is increasing.